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The other night I wrote what I thought may be my very first blog post; until my husband read it.  His very gently worded input was pretty much “you told me nothing, what is your blog about?”. And my response was “it’s a blog about nothing, that’s the blog”.

Now, if you don’t watch Seinfeld you probably have no idea why I was so amused with myself.  To give you a chance to catch up you can watch the clip below that better explains (but really if you don’t watch Seinfeld, there is a good chance we don’t have a lot in common and you won’t continue reading my blog).

So yes, this is my blog about nothing. Only instead of a friend, neighbor and ex-girlfriend, I have a husband, child and dog.  The hubby is my Fred Flinstone, and we have a son that loves nothing more to perform ‘Feats of Strength’ (see: Festivus), so he is our Bam-Bam.

In all reality, this blog will inevitably be about something. I’m extremely opinionated, hate a lot of things/people, and have a tendency to over share. Topics will include, but are not limited to: mommy-ness, pet peeves, and just the random sh!t I do. Welcome!