Do you ever find yourself buying books and magazines that you know you will never have time to read, but they just look so good you convince yourself you will make time? I do, basically every time I’m in a bookstore, in line at the grocery store and whenever Amazon recommends something to me based on the last collection of yet-to-be-read books I purchased.

One of the magazines I “recently” picked up and finally got around to reading months later is Washingtonian Mom Magazine. I’ve always enjoyed Washingtonian Magazine so I thought I should give the mom-centric version a shot. I’m not going to give you some boring review about their magazine; instead I’m stealing one of their ideas. They had a section called Mom Crush and asked ‘get to know you better’ type questions of the featured women.

So today, we are going to pretend you have a Mom Crush on me, and I’m going to answer some of the questions they asked…

CURRENTLY ON MY NIGHTSTAND: The current issue of Marie Claire, Tina Fey’s “Bossypants” and the book I just finished reading “All Fall Down” by Jennifer Weiner…and my cell phone.

LIPSTICK: Depends on the day and the outfit, but my go-to Smashbox Mandarin is always in my purse.

DREAM VACATION: I’m dying to go to Croatia. It’s been a wish of mine well before it was cool to go there.

MY FRIENDS WOULD SAY I’M: I hope they would say that I’m passionate and a leader, but they would probably say that I’m outspoken and insistent.

APP I RELY ON: Couch to 5K. It helped get me running and has lots of program options so I can run intervals on some days and timed or distance runs on other. And, it comes on over my music so I never have to look at the time.

WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS: Buy awesome shoes.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Good cheese…and designer purses. I came to an agreement with my husband a couple of years ago that I would only buy one designer bag a year. Then he bought me one for my birthday; but don’t worry, it doesn’t count against my annual purchase, it was a wristlet.

BEFORE I HAD KIDS: I played volleyball, softball or football at least 2 nights a week all year round.

NOW THAT I HAVE KIDS: I’ve modified down to football once a week in Spring and Fall.

Are you totally smitten with me yet?