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There are a lot of things I hate in this world. So many that I will have to just focus on one at a time. Today, you get to hear about why I hate cleaning the bathroom.

I hate wearing rubber gloves, but I refuse the clean the bathroom without them.

I hate having to own old ugly sweats to wear when I clean the bathroom so that I don’t accidentally get bleach on something I want to wear in public again.

I hate getting on my hands and knees to scrub the bathtub, and when there is that one spot that will.not.look.clean.

I hate grout that seems to be permanently discolored. I don’t want to look up some fancy Pinterest cleaner recipe. I want my Clorox to do the trick.

I hate the urine stains under the toilet seat, because I know they are not mine and they make me frustrated that a grown man can’t get it all in the bowl. What hope do I have when the toddler starts using the toilet???

I hate that we don’t have a fan in our bathroom, so there is always this weird soapy growth on our walls.

I hate that when I go to wash the floors, there is always a spot that I missed sweeping, so I end up with a wet glob of something smeared on my floor which I then have to go wipe up.

I hate that when I sweep the floors, the floor tile that is broken always flips up, and I have to try 3 different times before I get it to fit correctly.

I hate the little collection of gross-ness that happens behind the toilet.

I hate that I inevitably always drop something back there.

I hate cleaning the base of the toilet, there is always pee there too! Seriously!

I hate that after I do clean the bathroom, someone uses it and it is again tainted (yes, even if I’m the one using it).

If you don’t hate cleaning the bathroom the way I do, I will pay you $50 to come to my house and clean mine. I will also wonder what is wrong with you for not hating it.