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Happy Tuesday all! After a very nice 3 day weekend it’s back to selling furniture and trying to balance the time available to take care of the toddler, the husband and myself.

For a while I’ve struggled to find time to exercise, unless it’s coming at the sacrifice of work or family.  Today however, I took a chance and decided to bring the toddler to the gym with me.  I attempted this back when he was about 8 months old, and I ended up being pulled out of spin class because he wouldn’t stop screaming. It was embarrassing and clearly took me a while to recover because he is now almost 2.

This morning we ate breakfast and got dressed to head to the “play gym”. I figured making it sound as much like “playground”, which he loves, would help convince him this would be fun. As soon as we walked in he was met with high fives from the staff, placed in the ball pit and was completely distracted so mommy could run upstairs and get her sweat on (I did weights for the first time in YEARS, I’ll be paying for this tomorrow).

Once I was done I went to pick him up, assuming he missed me dearly and would run to me with arms wide open, grateful I had come back.  What actually happened was I walked in the room, he looked me, and went right back to playing with a fire truck. I actually had to convince him it was time to go home.

Thank you Washington Sports Club for offering child care and helping frazzled mommies get one step closer to health…and sanity!