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Vagina cookies and vagina cupcakes, they are a thing.  This was brought to my attention after reading this post about a mom that brought vagina cookies in for her kids 2nd grade class and the teacher had to tell her they couldn’t serve them to the kids. Mom got irate and angry texts ensued.

Honestly, my first reaction was “what’s the big deal?”. I would hope that kids by age 7 understand that vaginas exist, after all, most of them came out of one.  But then I think a little more about that teacher and if she had served them, and then the little kids that go home that day to tell their parents what they did in school that day.  I can tell you if my son came home and said to me “mommy today at school we ate vaginas”, I would be pretty fucking irate.  Obviously it would be a misunderstanding, but that is something the teacher avoided by not serving the vagina cookies to her students.

I do however think it’s important that we teach our kids the correct terms for their body parts. Here a good blog post about this very subject; creating an understanding and ownership of their body can only benefit our little people as they become adults.

That being said, I don’t think we need to teach them via snack time baked goods.