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Today’s WTF Wednesday is about pit bulls and how they are not the devil dogs the media, and uneducated people would like you to believe they are.

A local news story came thru my Facebook news feed today about a small dog that was attacked and killed by pit bulls. My first question is always, what instigated the fight? Was her dog really just sitting on the front porch minding it’s own business and these two dogs come charging at it? Probably not. The story offers no real information, other than the perspective of the woman that lost her dog.

While the article and its comments are filled with breed specific hate talk, most of the Facebook post comments are filled with people supporting pit bulls and their place in our society, in our homes.

We have a pit bull. We have friends that have pit bulls.  They are loving, and loyal, and sensitive. Our dog Hope wants nothing more than to cuddle with us and give us kisses. She has been amazing with our son, who is now 2. He crawls on her, pulls on her, climbs on her, and she has never been aggressive with him.

Dogs and their behavior are a result of their environments and owners.  I can’t tell you how many shit head tiny dogs I’ve come across.  And for the woman in this story and her neighbors that are concerned with the wild dogs running around the neighborhood, maybe they should consider that if their county didn’t make it illegal for people to own pit bulls, maybe they would be in loving homes instead of wandering the streets.

I leave you with a few articles about pit bulls; if you are one of these people that think they are terrible dogs, I encourage you to do some reading and educate yourself so you can stop being an ignorant fucktard.

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