Guess what, someone that isn’t related to me or knows me in real life reads my blog (actually quite a few do now) and has nominated me for an award! The lovely Momarch Steph of the blog Living in Momarchy has kindly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.


In blogging world, this is a nice big shout out, and I’m extremely flattered that someone enjoys my blog. Doing a personal blog isn’t easy, and while I’m still in the beginning stages of finding my voice, it’s nice to know there are folks out there reading and enjoying what I have to say.

Now as any awards committee must, there are rules for being able to accept such an award. If you don’t know already, I’m not really one for rules, but I think I can handle abiding by these.

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award
  3. Include seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate other bloggers and let them know about the award
  5. Follow the blogger who nominated you (if not already!)

 7 Things About Me

1. I’m extremely impatient. About everything. It’s not a great quality, so I’m usually trying to work on it. Except when I’m running late and someone is driving 20 mph in front of me on a 35mph road.

2. I know all the words to Gin and Juice, Mo Money Mo Problems and the Humpty Dance…and basically every other major hit from the 90’s.

3. I am the oldest of 4 kids, and I am the stereotypical first born, i.e. bossy. But in a “I make shit happen” kind of way.

4. I bite my finger nails. It’s gross, I know. I’ve even quit a few times, but I just can’t seem to make it stick in the long term. It’s too bad, because I really love getting manicures.

5. I love the colors red and pink. But not bubble gum pink; hot pink.

6. I hate the bottom side of a garlic bulb, that part that’s left when all the gloves have been pulled off. It looks like all these little eyeballs and it weirds me out.

7. I love lasagna. Like on a Garfield level. I could live on it. I might even make some tonight now that I’m talking about it.

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