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If you’ve had a toddler throw a tantrum, I think you know that my post could just be the letters WTF and you would nod your head and completely understand.  If you’ve never been around a toddler throwing a tantrum or only witnessed a tantrum in a Target toys aisle, consider yourself blessed (yes, witnessing a tantrum may feel annoying to you, or disrupt your blissful trip to the home goods section, but you are in fact lucky because you get to leave the tantrum behind).

All it takes is them spotting one thing they want to get those sticky little hands on, and you saying “no”, and these little people become candidates for an exorcism.

For example, the toddler came into my office and wanted to use my pen. Well I didn’t feel like having to clean pen off of the walls for the rest of the evening, so I said “no” and took the pen away. Then we took the toddler out of the office.

You would think we sliced his fingers off the way he wailed. I mean, MY GOD CHILD, IT’S A PEN. Some days you can take the pen away and he’s instantly on to the next thing, forgetting the pen existed.  Some days, like today, the pen was the most important thing that could have ever existed and now we’re the worst parents ever for not letting him have it.

We always try and use redirection/distraction tactics with him, but some times he won’t budge.  There is screaming, crying, flailing of limbs (bonus points when the entire body hits the ground and then the flailing limbs get going).  All because of a pen.

Sometimes I want to just give him what he wants so it will all STOP. There are days when it’s just too much and to make it go away with a simple handing over of the desired object seems like the only way to keep sane.  I have to remind myself that this is for the greater good, and that hopefully as time goes on and he realizes that throwing himself into the wall still doesn’t get the pen, maybe he won’t resort to that any longer.

All I know right now is this is why parents drink…and why they hide in the bathroom.