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What if, there was a grocery store that only people with kids shopped, and only people with kids worked, and we could all go there knowing that everyone in the store “gets it”.

What if instead of watching my toddler throw anything he can reach out of the cart I was no longer mortified because you were hit with a bag of coffee beans because you’ve been there, and your kid has done it before?

What if, instead of having a check out lane that is at perfect toddler height and full of everything a toddler could easily open, there was nothing but a belt and a cash register?

What if, instead of getting the stink eye from a cashier that clearly doesn’t understand what it’s like to spend even 10 minutes with a toddler in a grocery store, parents were met with an understanding smile and the acknowledgement that the swiping of the five items you have needs to be FAST.

What if there were a store, that when your child threw the shit-fit of all shit-fits, you didn’t have to leave your cart (an almost full with a weeks worth of groceries cart) for some clerk to put everything back begrudgingly? And instead, while you took the monster child to the car, they took your cart to cash you out, and brought you the groceries and a total to swipe and pay while the monster child screams in the back.

And what if they did it with a smile, because they have kids and they’ve been there, so they understand you aren’t a bad parent, you aren’t trying to be disruptive, you aren’t trying to make a mess?

What if store workers and other shoppers truly understood you are just trying to function?