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Recently a video has come out of a woman walking around NYC for 10 hours, and documents the cat calls and general harassment she receives while doing so.

She has men calling out at her, and one asshole even follows her. I’m sure if you’re a woman and you’re reading this, you will watch this video and remember times that you have been cat called or harassed while walking down the street.

I’ve had times that men just say “hey beautiful”. In theory I’m okay with that, except that if you chose to not acknowledge or respond, you are usually met with “what? you’re too good to talk to me?” or “bitch”.  So it’s never really just a compliment, its an attempt to engage you.

I’ve also had times that cars have pulled over and stopped my girlfriends and I, or a time I specifically remember walking down 18th Street in Adams Morgan with a girlfriend that we had two men follow us, and we seriously feared for our safety.

If you haven’t seen the video yet check it out. If you’re a man, you know a man or are raising someone you hope to be a man, please share this and DON’T CALL OUT TO WOMEN ON THE STREET.  SERIOUSLY. STOP IT.