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I’m not on a sugar high because my husband hid all the leftover Halloween candy. I’m not even on a caffeine high because I only had 1 cup of coffee this morning. Instead, I think I’m on a ‘my brain might explode soon’ high.

I’ve been a to-do list junkie for a very long time, and somehow I’ve let it go without updating lately and it’s lead to a nervous breakdown. I spent most of my day yesterday in a haze of feelings of being overwhelmed, being a failure,  and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today, I got up early and did some cleaning, I went to the gym and then got to work. I have taken a “late lunch” trip to the mall to try and find some rain boots and jacket for the toddler. It’s supposed to rain on Thursday, and his school still has playground time unless its raining hard. Sooooo, unless I want him tracking mud around his new classroom (nice first impression, huh) I need to track down some toddler rain boots that don’t cost more than our weekly groceries.

I’ve also been thinking about Brittany Maynard, the girl with terminal cancer that chose to end her life this past weekend. I think about how hard of a decision that must be, but I also think about how she has every right to make that decision for herself.  The fact that only 5 states allow you to do this baffles me.  So many that oppose this idea believe it’s up to God to decide when you die.  Well guess what, that is what YOU believe. That doesn’t make it what others need to live their life by.  I’m a big advocate for people (and especially women) having the say in what happens to their bodies, because after all, it is their body and their life.   I can’t say if I were in her position I would do the same, but I wish more states offered folks the option to decide for themselves.

Then of course is a new found love of the Facebook page Humans of New York. It’s freaking awesome and I think you should go like it. Now.

Oh, and I still need to do my expense report for the month of October, do laundry, do my territory planning…and actually write the to-do list so it Gets.Out.Of.My.Head. I’m thinking about all that too.