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As you may know from a previous post or two, I play co-ed, two-hand-touch football in a social sports league.  I love it more than most things in my life, and I completely recognize how extreme that sounds, but it’s true.

For years I’ve played “competitive” social sports including football, softball and volleyball. I have rocked out a championship in softball, and at least a handful in volleyball, but I always seem fall short of the trophy when it comes to football. My team has made it to the championship game a few times, but we have yet to clinch that spot of superiority.

Tomorrow are our Fall season playoffs. We have our quarterback, some of our best receivers, but we are missing most of our girl players. Teams need 3 ladies on the field, and we will have exactly 3 ladies at the game. That means no breaks, no subs, and going 100% until the end.  On one hand it’s intimidating, on the other hand I effing love playing and never really like to come off the field anyway. The difference tomorrow will be is if we win, we will play for 3 hours straight.

Every week on my way to the game I like to blast my favorite music. Normally I always find something good on one of my many XM stations, but this week I decided to take control of my playlist.  Below are my jams that I belt out, that make me feel infuckingdestructable… like I’m ready to take some bitches down.

For your listening pleasure this is the link to the Spotify playlist, and here are the tracks you’ll find on it.

Delirious- Steve Aoki

More- Usher

Centuries- Fall Out Boy

Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Animals- Maroon 5

Champagne Showers- LMFAO

You’re the Best- Joe Esposito (from The Karate Kid)

Titanium- David Guetta/Sia

*and in case you’re wondering why Champagne Showers is considered a Pumped Up Playlist song, it’s because our team vowed years ago that if we ever won it all, we would have a champagne shower celebration.