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Sometimes I forget that I like running (Please note I did not say that I love running). I have started and stopped running many times over the years. I’d usually pick a race to train for, run it and then be done with running for months before finding my way back to it again.

I’m not a fast runner; at best I’ve run an average 11:26 minute mile in a 3 mile run. I get past by people, I wonder if people look at me and think “wow she is barely moving her feet”, but then I remember no one out there gives a shit how fast I’m going.  Then I remember to pat myself on the back because at least I’m out there, and yes, I’m running faster than people sitting on the couch (which is really where I want to be). 

Since having a baby, and not having much time to commit to classes at the gym, I began running again.  The baby’s now two, and I’m happy to say I’m still running. Since I just started a lifting regime a couple of months ago, I have adjusted my run schedule and usually get out twice a week instead of 3 or 4 times.  Once in a while I end up not running for a full week, and that’s when it gets harder to get back out there. Today I went for a run and it felt great.  I didn’t run 3 miles, in fact I did a little over two in 120:60 intervals (2min run/1min walk) and at the end of it, I felt good. I felt successful.

Running isn’t easy for me; my ankles and knees have been broken/dislocated quite a few times over the years, so pounding the pavement doesn’t always feel great. Running is really more for my psyche than it is my body (altho good cardiovascular health is important).  Running is a time for me to be alone and to let my brain wander and clear out. Having that time to myself, when all the life responsibilities are on pause for just a short while, really helps me reset.

If you’re a runner, or want to be, here is some of my favorite running gear! Maybe next time I’ll put together my favorite running playlist songs…


Couch to 5K Running App | Brooks Running Shoes | Fit Belt | Nike Headband