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Every Thanksgiving we give thanks for our family and friends and their being a source of love and support in our lives. I’m immensely grateful to have amazing friends and family, and an awesome hubby and toddler to fill my life with joy (and poop).

There are some things though, that I’m grateful for that aren’t quite Thanksgiving day levels, but I still wanted to give a shout out to. Here are some things that in my day to day life I am grateful for…

Heated car seats: nothing makes me happier than knowing after I stand in the cold wrestling the toddler into his car seat, I get to warm my tush up asap.

2 Ply toilet paper: You don’t realize how good it is until you go to somewhere that has 1 ply.

Cheese: I could list every sort of cheese there is, but let’s say that goat, feta and brie are at the top of the list.

Meter parking apps: I never have to worry about if I have quarters anymore.

Massage therapists: sometimes I think if I did’t have a family I would forgo groceries to have money for a weekly massage.

Caller ID: it’s nice to know who you’re not picking up for.

Amazon.com: they have everything under the sun and I can get it all in 2 days.

The fact that shoe sizes have nothing to do with waist sizes: gaining 8lbs means your pants won’t fit, but the shoes that make you feel amazing, they do.

Spanx: without them I couldn’t wear half my wardrobe. Actually I could, but I would look a mess.

Pre-school: teaching my child to share for me…and hopefully potty train too.

Yankee Candles: how else is my house going to smell like Christmas cookies?

“Friends” re-run marathons: could this show be any more classic?

Wine: no explanation necessary

Anyone that smiles back when my toddler says hello to them: I assume those that don’t are evil and soul-less.

Bloggers: it’s not easy to blog, but I love reading others stories and have a new appreciation for my faves now that I’m blogging myself!