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Yes, I have a request for my readers for Christmas gifts for moi. It won’t cost you any money, but it will make people happy, I promise.

1. Smile at a stranger. You never know what someone is going through when you pass them on the street/grocery store aisle/ running path. Smile at someone, they may even smile back. If they don’t it’s probably because they are still in a state of shock because no one smiles at each other any more. With one smile you have the potential to change someones mood and how they feel the rest of the day.

Easy, see!

2. Say a prayer or send positive energy to the people that have lost loved ones. This time of year is so hard for those that have lost someone they care about. Take a moment to appreciate the special people in your life, and to wish peace and comfort to those who really need it right now. It is the little things that can be powerful.

Okay, this next one requires action.

3. Share my blog! Please, send the link or share the Facebook page with all of your friends…or at least 1 person you think would enjoy it. This will not only make me extremely happy, but the person that now has this blog in their life will also be happy. Unless of course they hate awesome things, then they may not appreciate my blog.

That’s it! I’m all out of requests for Christmas this year…well, except for Christmas morning mimosas that is.