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So correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the socially responsible thing to do when you see someone with a clothing tag on to TELL them? Especially when it is their SIZE sticker?

I saw a client today, and she asked me if I was wearing a new sweater. I was, but I found it to be an odd question considering I don’t see her enough on a regular basis for her to possibly know what’s new vs old in my sweater collection.

Then later at home, as I’m getting changed, I see it. The XL sticker slapped on the left boob of the sweater. I had been going around all day seeing clients, and this person saw the sticker and didn’t say anything. It’s not like we’re strangers, we’ve lunched before. WTF would she not tell me??? I walked around all day letting the world know I had a new sweater (which I got for 50% off thank-you-very-much) and more embarrassingly that I wear an XL (which all of you now know too).

It’s not that that I care THAT much, but its still embarrassing and I’m confused. I really thought that it was woman code to tell someone when they have a tag or sticker on their clothes. I mean, she may have well let me go about my day with kale in between my teeth.