I’m in no way a selfie hater. Selfies are the only way I can capture myself, the husband and the toddler in one picture (see below).  In fact, I’ve been taking selfies well before they were a thing, and before we had camera phones that allowed us to see what the heck we’re taking a picture of.  I mastered the art of the disposable camera selfie many years ago.

Anyway, my point is I’m not a hater… with the exception of this one type: the ‘alone in the car’ selfie.  I see them on my newsfeed all the time and I’m just confused by them. Yes, your hair looks nice today. Yes, your makeup is very pretty. Yes, that is a nifty new scarf you have.  But seriously, you’re in your car. I can see the headrest and seat belt behind you. It is the most uninteresting picture you could show me. I’d rather see a picture of your half eaten bowl of cereal.

To me, selfies should be showing me you’re somewhere you wanted to share and be in the picture. Even if it’s you standing outside of Exxon Mobil, it’s better than in the car. Or, find someone else to be in the picture with you. Selfies with other people are more interesting anyway… this gives me an idea. Selfies with Strangers….dammit, I just Googled it and people have already done a tumblr and Facebook page for it. Never mind.

Please stop posting pictures of yourself alone in your car. Thank you. That is all.

Family Selfie

Family Selfie, outside with sun and buildings. Makes you wonder where we are, right?