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Three times in one month? It’s just too much. I can’t handle it. I’m used to once a year, maybe twice, but never three times in a month. My body is tired and what I would really like is to sleep, but can I? Nope. Instead I’m kept awake by a nose that won’t stop running, wheezy lungs and a toddler across the hall with a cough so bad it sounds like he can’t catch his breathe.

Our household is sick, again. It started last month when I had a mild flu, and lucky for me was at the same time my husband’s grandmother passed away. I spent that weekend in a car, sleeping on an armatures and trying to chase a toddler around while my husband paid his respects with his family. Not fun. Luckily neither the husband or the toddler ever caught it.

Next, just about 3 weeks later the stomach bug made the rounds. I left on a work trip and the first conversation I had with my husband to check in he tells me the toddler woke up in the morning covered in vomit. Sucked for him, especially when it struck him 3 days later. I arrived home just in time to catch the bug too, and spent a day in bed unable to eat or drink (but of course slightly thankful for the potential weight loss that comes with a stomach bug).

Now, I’m rocking a hefty cold. I really wonder where all of this fluid comes from? No matter how much I blow my nose there is more there waiting to ooze out of my face. My stupid cold isn’t even the worst part; the toddler is the sickest we’ve ever seen him.

The toddler started a day school program in November, and ever since has had a perpetual runny nose and cough. Last week the cough turned congested, and last night he spiked a fever- 102.6. We spent our Friday night in Urgent Care attempting to get a breathing mask on his face and fever reducer meds in his mouth. Even when incredibly sick he is incredibly stubborn.  sick_toddler

(Side note, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a toddler to drink meds? We have 3 different syringes of meds to get in this kid twice a day.)

We’re home now, and housebound for who knows how long. The toddler is sleeping better, which means I’m not. The coughing helped me know he was alive; now I just sneak into his room once an hour to make sure he’s still breathing and that the fever hasn’t gotten any worse.  I have blown thru all the tissues in the house (pun, hehe), and am plotting the massive Clorox wipe down I will be doing on every square inch of this house once I get stand up for more than 5 minutes. This family has filled their quota for sickness this year.