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There are lots of people I’m friends with on Facebook that I don’t communicate with. I have blocked seeing them from my newsfeed because while I don’t mind considering them a “friend”, I haven’t found anything they’ve shared worthy of taking a chance the Facebook algorithm brings them to my newsfeed.

Today I received the following invitation to an event “Our Honeymoon Registry”. Oh yes, a honeymoon registry…and here is the description of the event: “Thanks for who have booked their cruise for our special day and for those who want to be a part of our day but can’t their is a way. Visit our website at …….. and donate a monetary gift.”

(Before I begin my rant, I would like to point out the misuse of the word ‘their’. Don’t get me started on adults that can’t seem to use their/there/they’re or two/to/too correctly.)

I understand why people do these- a way to have someone else pay for your honeymoon. It’s the new way to say “hey, I already have cooking pots and bed sheets, can you help me go on a nice trip with my new spouse?”. It’s cool, no one says you need to get housewares as a wedding gift. What I don’t think is cool is sending the invite to everyone on your friends list.

Last year the hubby and I owed more money to the government in taxes than some people make as a salary. I would have loved to ask people for money or start a gofundme page, but you know what? I’m not an asshole that thinks other people should pay for shit that’s up to me to figure out.

Maybe you’re thinking I could just ignore it, and not let it phase me. If you went to high school with me you may even have the opportunity to as I’m sure you received this random request for cash too. After I’m done ranting I will let it go and not think about it, probably ever again.

My point is I need people to stop asking me for money for bullshit things that are not important to life. I’m donating my money to people that are trying to pay for chemotherapy because they fighting CANCER. I’m donating my money to a family that had their entire lives destroyed by a plane that crashed into their house. I’m buying gifts for friends that are preparing to enter parenthood for the first time. I am NOT giving money to someone (that I have no relationship with aside from junior year chemistry) trying to take a vacation.