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“It’s going around” is something you will hear over and over again for these spectacular winter months. You, your kids, your coworkers, the strangers at the gym your sharing the free weights with; they are all getting sick. I wrote a post about my seemingly constant sickness a couple of weeks ago.

There is a point that you reach that requires more than some Tylenol or DayQuil, and you must go to the doctor. To me, this is such a pain in the ass I have to be on my deathbed before I want to seek medical attention. Let me tell you why…


First, you have to get an appointment. If your doctors office gives a shit, and you’re calling during business hours you will get an appointment (often only 1 out of 2 happen and you’re sent to Urgent Care, so get your wallet handy).  You go to said appointment, wait a good 45-60 minutes to see the doctor because they “are squeezing you in”. After talking with your doctor he orders tests- blood test and X-rays, neither of which are done at the office. This has been stop #1.

Stop #2 is a lab that will take your blood work, stop #3 is the radiology place that will do your X-ray. If you know your town well, you can indeed find these two stops in one building, but I promise you the convenience of that is left behind when each of those places employs imbeciles.

After stops #2 and 3, you get to wait for results which then lead to stop #4, the pharmacy. Now your doctor will tell you they have called the prescription in and you just need to go pick it up. Understand this does not mean that your pharmacy is actually getting it prepared. Nope. They wait until you show up, sick, barely able to breathe or stand up straight, then they begin filling your order. Thanks.


Then it really gets fun, you get billed. Of course your insurance company only covers 70% of everything you just had done, because you know, insurance. What is really awesome is when you use your Flexible Spending Account to pay for these costs. You use the nifty Visa card they send, and as soon as you do they send you an email asking for verification that your purchase was indeed something covered by the FSA plan. Never mind that this is the same doctor you have always gone to, and shown verification of before. Nope, they need it again, to be sure “Medical Doctors” is indeed a doctors office.

This request for verification happens within a couple of days, but you know what they want for the verification? Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and your insurance company doesn’t process those for a few weeks. Your FSA threatens to deactivate your card if you don’t verify within xx number of days.

Of course you are feeling better now, but you have gone insane… and don’t get me started on trying to get mental health claims processed and paid.