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When I was pregnant with the toddler back in 2012 I was still driving a 2005 Saturn Ion. The hubby used his bicycle to go any where he needed, and since he began working from home in 2010, we hadn’t needed a second vehicle. With a little one on the way we knew a more reliable and larger car would be necessary. In came the Subaru Outback now known as Target.

Target, when we bought her in 2012

Target, when we bought her in 2012

During my 37th week of pregnancy I was driving to work in the Outback, and while sitting at a red light the asshole behind me was texting and driving and never realized we had come to a stop. He hit me and then I hit the person in front of me. This was accident #1 for the Outback. A few other minor bumps and bruises have come from miscellaneous parking lots, until today.

Earlier today the hubby was driving to a meeting and someone decided they were going to cross the intersection, even though he was coming. Now Outback looks like this:

Target after today's accident

Target after today’s accident

The question is now, do we keep her? She is clearly cursed for contact, and we use this vehicle to do our family trips on top of being the hubby’s day to day car (I have a lovely VW Passat now).  I mean, maybe the car isn’t really cursed, but it’s been in almost a handful of accidents, two with significant damage in the last 2.5 years. Do we just trade her in for a hopefully non-cursed Outback?