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On this edition of 3 Things I wanted to share some random recent discoveries of mine. None of them are related, but I like em, so here ya go!

1. Man Seeking Woman. The main character in the FXX original show is Jay Baruchel who was in “Knocked Up” and “This is the End”. It takes a minute to recognize the real life interpretation of the dating tales of horror most of us have experienced, but it’s really effing funny, so you should watch it.

2. Arm Wrestling During Labor. I’ve been reading the Ina May Gaskin book “Guide to Childbirth“. In one of her anecdotal stories she talked about asking a women to arm wrestle during labor to help progress her labor and aide in dilation. It has something to do with shifting your mental focus to your upper body, allowing your lower half to relax and open.  I wish I had know this little trick when I was trying for 49 hours to get my little monster out. Now you know so go challenge a woman in labor to an arm wrestling match, she’ll thank you for it…and will probably beat you.

3. Bitmoji. The app that lets you create your emoji self and then send emojis of YOU, its a narcissists dream! Here are just a few of my favorites. I may make the flaming eyes one my blog Facebook page photo.

wpid-wp-1425574851751.png Erica_Bitmoji1Bitmoji2