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It was Monday February 23rd that I declared on the inter webs (which you know makes things official) that I had given up shopping to be able to have money to spend on alternative therapies for my health. Well, I caved. 

First it began with having the “attacks” almost every day for almost a week. I couldn’t stomach any more apple cider vinegar, so I consulted with another gastroenterologist. This one, I knew on a personal level, so I knew she could talk me through some better options than just “it’s likely your gallbladder, you should have it removed”. After a good conversation we came up with the non-invasive option of taking Prevacid and seeing if the attacks subsided, which would then indicate if it’s an ulcer. If they didn’t stop, it was likely my gallbladder and I would have to do some serious nutrition changes or have it out.

After 2 weeks on Prevacid I haven’t had an attack. I’m still drinking my lemon water in the morning, along with my probiotics, vitamins, Metamucil and the random additional teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. I drink a large mug of ginger tea every night to help settle my belly, but quite honestly my system hasn’t been angry with me. It’s been such a relief to not fear eating (because if you know me, you know I like to eat).

In addition to my caving on the holistic vs medical care position (this one time), I also caved on the shopping. I’m not sure what came over me… maybe it’s the side that wasn’t eating my feelings anymore, and resorted back to shopping as a coping tool. Whatever it was, I ordered a new pair of shoes… and I’m not ashamed. I love them and I can’t wait for it to be warm and dry (no mud) so I can wear them.


Meet my one small indulgence from the last 3 months. These beauties were only $35 on Amazon… and I got them on Prime so only had to wait 2 days to get them. Of course, as I mentioned above they will not be making an appearance until it is warm and dry.  Thanks to my personal GI consult, I saved myself a co-pay which would have been $30, so this seems like a fair trade.