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I have a toddler. I have a toddler that likes to eat grapes, goldfish, nuts and pretzels. I have a toddler that also likes to stick his fingers up his nose. Recently, the toddler has decided to join his two favorite activities into one, and is sticking his food up his nose.

The hubby and I have managed to catch him in the process, before anything has gotten good and up there, but it got me wondering what would I do if he got a Goldfish cracker lodged in his nose?

I started by Google Image searching “getting goldfish cracker out of a toddler’s nose“. I thought for sure there would be some hilarious images of toddlers with crackers stuck up their nose, but there wasn’t. Then it occurred to me, well most parents would probably immediately be removing the cracker, not giggling about how silly their kid looked.

Next I went back to the general Google web search and was disappointed again. There were no tutorials, or even many blog entries about toddlers getting Goldfish stuck up their noses. So, either my child is a rare toddler doing this or no one finds it interesting enough to write about…except me.

Instead of telling you how I plan to get the cracker out of the nose, should it ever be lodged there (because my plan is to cry and call my for my husband to do it), I thought I’d share with you one of the links that popped up in my search, as it is relevant to me because I do have a slight addiction to Goldfish crackers.

26 Signs Your Addiction To Goldfish Crackers Has Gotten Out Of Control

I love that someone wrote this. I love that other people feel about Goldfish the way I do. I love that at a very young age my toddler and I have something in common that the hubby doesn’t understand. It makes it our special bond… you know, because growing him and feeding him most of his existence wasn’t enough.

And if anyone comes across a good picture of a toddler with Goldfish in their nose, please share!