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I started this blog last year not really knowing what I was going to write about. Being that I have plenty of opinions, and lots going on around me, I figured I wouldn’t be too hard up to find something to share with you.

There are times that trying to come up with an idea worthy of sharing gets to me. I wonder to myself “does anyone really give a shit?”, but I write it anyway. Low and behold those posts are the ones that get the most views and most comments (and I love when you comment!).  I guess I’m doing something at least a little right.

Recently it became even harder to come up with things to write about. There has been this one major thing on my mind, but I wasn’t ready to share yet… but now, it’s finally time.

10weeks.jpgI’m pregnant! This sonogram is from week 10, and I’m now 12+4 (12 weeks and 4 days). This pregnancy I’m choosing to “gestate in peace” and am keeping the sonograms to a minimum and as I did with my first pregnancy, declining all screenings.  The next time we will see a picture of baby H2 is at 20 weeks when we will indeed find out if it’s a boy or a girl…along with making sure H2 has all its organs.

For now I get to rock out the end of the first trimester, which is kicking my ass way more now than it was earlier.  I haven’t gained any weight, so that’s a plus. I’m starting to show, but you wouldn’t know it thanks to the healthy donut I’ve been wearing on my midsection well before my first pregnancy. I’m nauseous and my sense of smell is selective, but when I find something I hate, I hate it and it must be removed.  I’ve got heartburn, bad skin and I think my hips already widened a bit.

Overall I’m ecstatic to be pregnant and to be adding another amazing little person to our family.