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Do I know you? A common joke (that only I think is funny) I make to people I haven’t talked to in a while. It’s been well over a week since I last posted, and the main reason for that has been this (see picture); the hubby had some major shoulder surgery.


In general I can get overwhelmed with life. Work, child, school, doctor appointments, housework, bills, meals, and finding time to exercise, can all be a lot to take. Now throw in a husband that is without a functioning arm for the next 5 months and you have the recipe for an emotional breakdown…or 3. No seriously, I have had at least 3 cry-fests since he went under the knife. For the last 10 days we had my mom staying with us to help with the toddler. It definitely helped take some of the stress off of me, but didn’t keep me from still feeling completely worn out (because it’s not like I’m not also growing a human at the moment too).

I started to think to myself about how women that have husbands that refuse to do anything must feel on a regular basis. I’ve always been spoiled with a husband that does more than his fair share of the housework and child care. Luckily, surgery went well and he feels great, and is still trying to do what he can so that not everything is on me. Tonight he even read the bedtime story and tucked him in, hence I am writing this post.

After all the mayhem lately, the universe tried my patience for hopefully the last time for a while. Last night the toddler woke up twice with some major blowout action. Then when I got up in the morning I discovered the hubby was hit with the same bug. I do not exaggerate when I say the entire house smelled like poop. Luckily it was a nice morning and I could open every window in the house and go to town with every Yankee candle I could find.

My sanity has been tested and no one was murdered (not even our shithead neighbor that was blaring the bass in his car for HOURS during nap time, and when we politely asked him to turn down just the bass got all pissy. You can’t even hear the music when the bass is that loud, so what the heck is the point? ). I would say even with the emotional breakdowns, the last 10 days have been a success.