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Here we are, 20 weeks pregnant and at the approximate halfway mark. Soon we’ll be having a sonogram that will tell us if the little dumpling in my belly will be using all of our existing baby clothes or if I will soon have a reason to go buy a pink tutu. 

I thought that I’d be able to remember certain milestones of my first pregnancy that would relieve me from wondering “when will my belly pop?” or “when will I feel kicking?”. It appears I have not. Instead I find myself Google-ing things like “18 weeks and belly isn’t hard” or “does being fat effect feeling baby kicks”. 
In order to keep a slightly better record of this pregnancy I decided to do a pregnancy stats posts. Now rest assure this won’t be a weekly or even bi-weekly update, because well, ain’t no one got time for that. Instead I’ll give you 10 week updates, and being that the toddler was 2 weeks late and brought out without any cooperation, I feel pretty safe that you have two more pregnancy stats posts to look forward to.

Symptoms My nipples are so sore, all.of.the.time. Seriously, I don’t even have a little succubus attached to them yet. What the heck?  

Cravings The first time around I definitely was craving guacamole, I couldn’t get enough of it. This time around I have no major cravings. I’m constantly craving sugar in the form of ice cream or chocolate, but that was an issue before I was pregnant so I can’t really blame H2. 

Aversions No food aversions to speak of, but I am super sensitive to smells. And just to be difficult the smells that are off putting to me change on the daily. One day the smell of gas (like at a gas station) makes me want to vomit, but the following week I’m fine with it. Some perfumes and colognes will have me chugging ginger tea for the next few hours. 

Weight Thankfully I’ve only gained 2lbs so far. Pregnancy number one packed on about 35lbs (10 of those lbs were all baby) and I’m really trying to not have that happen again. Not only for the sake of having a healthy pregnancy, but because the less I put on the less I have to take off after baby is born (and no, breastfeeding is not some wonder weightless plan, at least not for me). 

Exercise I’ve managed to stay motivated in my exercise regime this time around. Last pregnancy I didn’t do much exercise beyond my first trimester. I did yoga once a week, but honestly that did nothing to prepare me for a 49 hour labor. Now, I’m jogging (and interval walking) at least twice a week, strength training , and still doing my weekly spin class. I’m sure this has helped with that 2lbs weight gain.

Belly My belly is still in that awkward “is that a baby or a food baby” phase. I try and dress so it leans more in the clearly pregnant direction, but the awkward phase leaves me too small for my maternity pants and too big for my regular pants. One things is for sure, I no longer worry about sucking in my stomach, and I love that.

Movement Not much to report on movement. There are moments that I think I feel something, but it never lasts.  I don’t think I felt much with the toddler until 22 or 23 weeks, but that still doesn’t stop me from panicking and looking up fetal dopplers on Amazon.