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This weekend the hubby and I celebrated six years of wedded bliss staying married. Marriage isn’t easy and so I thought I’d share six things that have brought us to a successful six years. (All views are from my perspective, he was not consulted on this post- surprise, surprise).

1. We remember everything is temporary. The times that things seem too tough to go on. The moments that we feel invincible. The highs and the lows are part of the roller coaster ride that is marriage. I think it’s been important that we acknowledge both while we’re in the moment and to remind ourselves each day will have the potential to bring a new challenge or a new success.

2. He lets me win. I like to be right…mostly because I know I am. But, even when I’m not (rare), he will let me win because he knows the conversation will not end until I feel like I’ve accomplished victory.

3. We both hate people. We don’t hate ALL people, just the morons that are roaming the earth that constantly interrupt the flow of our day with their stupidity. Sometimes it’s our neighbors, sometimes it’s our clients, mostly it’s random strangers that park too close to our car in the parking lot or meander down the grocery aisle with two carts side by side blocking the aisle completely. We bond on the daily frustrations we endure with the general public, and it makes us a stronger team.

4. He refuses to answer questions that have no right answer. He has fallen victim to the “does this make me look fat?” many times. Unfortunately for him, the expectedly correct response of “no” is not in fact correct. Even when he’s made the attempt to tell me I look fine, I will nitpick. His exact words, the tone he said them, how long he looked at me before head said them, or I will just straight out reject his opinion and conclude that I do indeed look fat and that he is a horrible person for almost letting me leave the house looking like that. Now when I ask questions like this his response is to remind me no matter what he says I won’t be happy, so he pleads the fifth.

5. Yin and Yang is legit. We are opposites in most aspects of life. I love the beach, he loves the forest. I spew all of my feelings in a dramatic fashion, he quietly keeps his annoyances to himself. We really do balance each other out; left to our own devices either of us could self destruct. Because we have the other, there is someone there to equalize the energy and bring a perspective that our own brain would never consider.

6. We both choose to continue to love each other.  It’s really that simple. Every day we choose to continue in this relationship. There are good days and bad days, but everyday we work at this marriage. I’m so thankful to have a partner that won’t give up on me when I suck, so I in turn won’t give up on him when he sucks.


Now let’s hope I didn’t just jinx it all.