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Why hello there! I hope I still have some readers left considering I’ve been completely MIA for a month or so. I have the best of intentions of writing more, but then life gets in the way… or I’m taking a nap. What can I say? I’m 30 weeks pregnant now AND I FEEL IT.

I’m sure you’ve been anxiously awaiting my pregnancy update since my last one was at the 20 week mark, so here’s what I’ve been feeling!

Symptoms I’m tired, my hips ache, my lower back hurts, my vagina is being punched from the inside and I STILL HAVE NAUSEA. If I eat, it goes away…

Cravings I’m still craving sugar, but in no particular form. Sometimes its popsicles, sometimes its Sundae Cones, sometimes its cake. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told I should avoid sugar, but this kiddo wants her sweets.

Aversions No real aversions to speak of. Like I said my nausea comes from being hungry, so once I eat my cake (or drink my protein shake like a good preggo), I usually feel better.

Weight The last time I stepped on a scale I had gained 9 pounds, and that was about a week ago. I do make sure I do it first thing in the morning (and after I’ve pooped, because well, every little bit counts right?).

Exercise I have to say, I’ve been a rockstar this pregnancy compared to last time. I was running up until 25 weeks (now I’m walking 2-3 days a week), I still go to spin class, yoga class and I can still squat my three sets 85lbs, in addition to my other weight lifting activities (I have given doing dead lifts a break till post baby).

Belly My belly is definitely one of a preggo. I’ve actually been called “cute” this pregnancy, which makes my day considering at this point in my previous pregnancy all the comments were about how I looked like I was about to pop or that I must be having twins. I will take cute any fucking day over that shit.

Movement I am growing a ninja. I kid you not, I considered naming her Beatrix after Uma Thurman’s character in Kill Bill. The hubby wants to name her Danielle to be the girl version of Daniel, The Karate Kid. The good part is, her big brother is a brut so she’ll handle life with him just fine.

Belly Pics- Weeks 23, 25, 27 and 29 (23 is on the right, 29 on the left)

Belly Pics- Weeks 23, 25, 27 and 29 (23 is on the right, 29 on the left)

And since I’m pregnant, and soon to be giving birth, pardon me while many of my posts from here on out are about those topics… that is, if I even write any posts. If I don’t, I will be sure to get the baby pics up soon after her birthday!