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What good is having a blog if you don’t take a moment to collect your thoughts and reflect everything that has happened over the past year?

2015 was interesting and exciting year for our family. In January we were on month #6 of trying to get pregnant, and after a very early miscarriage in November I was convinced something was wrong with me. Luckily, within the first two weeks of the year, I got pregnant (Although I didn’t know it until after a weekend in Vegas- figures huh)!

One thing I never shared was that my husband’s grandmother passed away in early January. I remember it was during one of my prime times for getting preggers, and I sort of wondered if we would conceive about the same time she passed… and we did, and with a little girl. I really felt a big “circle of life” moment when I did find out I was pregnant.

In April, the hubby had shoulder surgery to fix years of pain and dislocations he had been suffering with. It was a really challenging time for us; I struggled being the caretaker for him, our son, and keeping up with my job and the house work (and let’s be honest, the house work was kept to a minimum). Hubby struggled to watch me, and not be able to do much to help (and he couldn’t wait to be the one doing the cooking again).

The rest of the year we spent a lot of time working, preparing not only for a new baby, but the birth itself, and spending as much time as we could with the toddler while he was still an only child. We took a trip to our favorite beach town Cape May, NJ, and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with an overnight trip to DC (and went to a restaurant that did not have children). In between were midwife appointments, trips to the physical therapist for hubby and chiropractor for me.

It’s crazy how quickly the summer months passed. It felt like all of a sudden I was face to face with my due date and just waiting day after day for our lives to change again.  Eventually baby girl made her entrance earth side, and we’ve begun a whole new balancing act.

I think about how I started this year feeling sad and frustrated. I spent a weekend in Vegas for work, and it was the first time in a long time I wasn’t trapped in my head, and I was just having fun (and in meetings of course). Two days after, a little pee stick changed everything and my year was brighter.

I’m so happy to have my amazing husband, and our two amazing children. 2015 has been a good year, and I hope 2016 brings just as much joy and love.



PS: I also saw Dave Matthews Band for the 11th time, and the Bills have missed the playoffs for the 16th year in a row. Unfortunately, the DMB shows don’t outweigh the playoffs.